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Jeep Shade Top Comparison: JTops vs Bungee Tops

JTopsUSA Exclusive and Patented Full Edge To Edge Coverage With No Gaps Design

  • JTops Jeep Wrangler Sun Shade Tops do not use bungees or grommets

  • JL model does not require the windshield to be lowered or use special clips to be installed


  • JTops uses a two stage, Compression / Quick Release, Military Grade buckle and Heavy Duty webbing system. We guarantee it for the life of the product

  • Aluminum 1/2 inch cross rods imbedded into mesh for superior support

  • The entire top is bound with 4 layers of perimeter webbing for support 


  • Our tops sit on top of the roll cage and provide 2 inches of extended headroom over bungee tops

  • No gaps = reduced sun, noise and wind intrusion

  • JK or JL  Installation is 10-15 minutes vs 30-40 for a bungee top

  • Bungee style products use cheap bungees to stretch the mesh material between the roll cage bars

  • JL versions of bungee tops require lowering of the windshield and installation of plastic clips

  • Installation of one brand of sun shades requires removal of roll cage cowling screws and installation of special nubs to mount the bungees

  • They also recommend installing a protective film on the rear roll cage to stop the bungees from chafing the paint due to flapping


  • Competitive brands use imported Chinese dip dyed mesh to cut cost. (fades quickly)

  • Simple sheet of square mesh that does not conform to roll cage shape


  • Plain folded heat sealed edges stretch out of shape

  • Bungees are prone to stretching and breaking. Gaps around perimeter let in the sun, wind and create noise

Why We Use Buckles and Straps...
JTops Wrangler sun shade buckles
Click To Enlarge
  • Our buckles are not ordinary! They are composite resin, military spec, compression and quick release buckles used on combat gear and made by ITW®

  • The UV resistant strap and buckle will not stretch or deteriorate from UV exposure over time like a bungee

  • No flimsy grommets to pull out

  • The strap and buckle can't get misplaced or lost because they are sewn on

  • They are sewn on to the perimeter webbing for even pull across the mesh fabric so they do not create creases in the mesh over time

  • They will not snap back or bust your knuckles like a bungee when trying to stretch them on

  • The buckle has a neoprene pad backing so it will not harm the roll cage. Only needed on the JL

  • If they ever break replacements are free under our Never Fail Warranty

JTopsUSA exclusively uses Twitchell® Textilene® Mesh Fabric 

Twitchell® is manufactured in the USA

All of the raw materials used in the production of our products

(except for the neodymium magnets, EPA restrictions) are manufactured in the USA

Alienshade 👽 Brand Faded JL Sun Shade...Why? 
It's Made in China 


Bungee Design and Construction 

Sheet of mesh stretched between the roll cage bars and attached using .10 cent bungees!

jeep sunshade by alienshades
  • The shade pictured above is made of low quality dip dyed Chines mesh and as illustrated in the photo will fade in a year

  • Bungee products only cover part of the roll cage leaving large gaps all around the perimeter

  • ​There is no tight grip to the front windshield. This results in this large gap that lets in wind actually creating more noise

  • Bungees stretch the mesh from the grommet attachment point and cause the shade to misshapen in a short period of time

  • Square mesh shape does not conform to the shape of the roll cage because it's cheaper to produce

JTopsUSA JL Sun Shade
Made in the USA since 2014

"The pitfalls of the bungee decision. Not a clean install, missing coverage. The the lack of consistency in the other guys product. I'm doing it right this time. Love your designs, cost a little more but I'm a fan."

Ski P. -

  • UV Resistant Combination quick release / compression buckles. Will not fade or get brittle from the sun


Product Design and Construction - We Take A Quality First Approach...

 Wrangler JL / JK Sunshade Construction and Materials Comparison 

jeep wrangler sunshade

Full Edge To Edge / No Gaps

Front To Back

Wrangler sun shade
Jeep Wrangler JL Sun Shade Punisher image
JTopsUSA magnetic attachments
  • Commercial Neodymium magnets and a thick nylon strip are used to mount the JL sun shade to the front windshield.  (Patent Pending mounting system)

  • JL's Shade is digitaly cut to comform to the shape of the roll cage for a custom fit
Wrangler JK summer top
Jeep Shade Top
  • Front mount metal flat hook for solid attachment on the JK

  • Commercial Grade Neodymium N52 Power Magnets integrated into the top hold the center firmly to the roll cage
  • No Rattling of grommets against the roll cage
Custom JTopsUSA sun shade top
Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade Top Construction
JTopsUSA - Jeep Shade Top Features:

  • Installation time is under 10 Minutes. Watch the 3 minute video

  • Heavy duty "PolyPro" UV resistant straps will not fade

  • Tri-Glids hold the straps up eliminating any possibility of the straps flapping

  • "Quick Release" double function compression and pinch to release "Military Grade" memory buckles.

  • Tops install on top of the roll cage. 

  • No loss of headroom

  • Better aerodynamics and no wind intrusion into the cabin

  • Leave it on under your hardtop or soft top

  • Every component is UV stable and will not fade from the sun

Installation Video  JL Sunshade
Start to finish time 5-8 minutes
Installation video hard top and freedom panels over the  JL Sunshade

Made In The USA

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